Racial War

-the Useful Idiots of Anti-Racism

Humanitarian organisations are used for – not against – world dictatorship. They are the useful idiots of dictatorship of to-day. This time it is not for Lenins and Stalins communism, but the internationalist's overt racial war against the West.

By Attorney Knud Eriksen - April, 1997

It is becoming apparant that the galloping colonization of Europe, by people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is a partially undeclared racial war. It is not only the European nations that are dissolved and demolished from within, but all of the areas of the white race, that are flooded with foreigners. The strongest weapon of the internationalists to further their goal of a standardized world without borders and under merciless surveillance of of an international police-force, is this mass rape of the West. When billions of poor Arabs and Negroes have caught hold, they will not leave again of their own free will and it is only a question of time, when their higher birth rate and criminality has drowned the West in a Hell, which will surely bring civilization back to the Middle Ages and from there probably to the Stone Age. That the West may, in the meantime, have a civilizing effect on some of the colonizers, does not change the sad fate of the West. Internationalism has for a long time in, varying disguises, worked its way into a domineering leading position (especially as communism and international capitalism). Both have abuse of human beings and world domination as their goal, but multi-culturalism on a grand scale is the foremost weapon. To-day the internationalists have become so arrogant and confident of victory, that they have dropped all inhibition and are now counting on successfully forcing upon Western civilization a mass-colonization, which on a short view will bring about the degradation of the white man in his own home, and on a long view, the complete extermination of the white man.

This is malicious and real racism.The internationalists themselves want the race-theme brought forward, as usual in a distorted form, since the leading "goodness-ideology, which they are now using to gag and bind the attacked countries, is "antiracism", which insists on the existence of a racism in these countries, which, in reality, is minute. In a real Marxist way they have, from the competing ideologies of the 20th Century, communism and nazism (racism), as thesis and antithesis, respectively, created a synthesis, racist antiracism or "reverse racism", a multi-culti religion, complete with thought-police, where the most negative traits from both ideologies have been united. The racist battle cry from these "anti-racists" is: down with the white man and everything he stands for.

The priesthood in the preferred opinion-headquarters of the internationalists, the humanitarian organizations, and the controlled media, scream and yell about racism and nazism, which in practise is defined as wanting to preserve one’s own culture and own people. In his book "Utopia and Reality" of 1972 the "conservative" politician Per Stig Møller (today, June 2005, Minister of Foreign Affairs, k.e.) toys with the idea of (enforced) race mixing as the road toward a more peaceful world. The state-supported Pakistani propagandist for the colonists, Quraishy (the one with the beret) thinks that the problem is "the Europeans’ Aryan complex" (Berl.T. 9.7.90). OK, then let us have the tabu-covered discussion about what is racism, fascism, nazism, nationalism, patriotism, and love of one’s own country, and what it has to do with anything, but then let us also take a good look at what is communism, internationalsm, globalism, zionism, capitalism, "The New World Order" etc. These -ism’s have for a long time been conspicuously shielded from scrutiny. In Germany an opinion poll done recently for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" on the subject of "political correctness" demonstrated, that the most dangerous subjects to mention were "Hitler", "Jews", "The third Reich", Neo-nazis", "refugees", and "Turks". Is it not exactly the same here? The poll is mentioned in Berlingske Tidende 20.10.1996, 1. sect. P.10., where it is also referred that at the moment the subject "political correctness" is ravaging the Western world, having been exported from the USA. Only very few of the Germans asked were able to define "political correctness" but when asked, which subjects it is dangerous to mention during a conversation, there was less doubt. Yes, that is exactly how the media manipulation and brain washing works: No understanding, only a more or less vague fear, when certain words are even mentioned. Human beings become frightened sheep.

Two conditions must be present for a country to be conquered from within, as it is happening now, without weapons, and for a population to be replaced by victors who do not even meet any resistance:

  1. The leaders must be traitors against their own people.
  2. The population must be in a deep trance, brainwashed by leaders and media to accept their own ruin.

Unfortunately both conditions are met in Denmark. It is in reality an occupied country. The Danes are led and indoctrinated right from kindergarten by internationalists, who do not give one iota for them and their welfare, but ingratiate themselves with – no fanatically strive towards the intrusion of foreigners by all available means. These means reach from a suicidal Aliens Act over worshipping of unrealistic, international conventions, distributing money, jobs and housing to foreigners, to suppression of the protests of the Danes through anti-Danish legislation, punishment for "racism", economic starving out and brainswashing in schools and in all media.

As this sad and sneaky theatre isn’t even fast enough for the internationalists, who are now smelling blood, they accelerate wildly now with plenty of state support and/or abuse of the humanitarian organizations – often called NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) as a powerful "goodness industry". In addition to the old ones – Red Cross, Danish Association for International Co-operation, Save the Child, Danish Refugee Aid etc., which are more and more openly reorganized into the fifth column for the invaders against the Danish nation – new organizations are formed for "human rights", "anti-racism", "democracy", "equality", "peace", "environment" etc. Interestingly enough they all have internationalism as their most important issue. This goodness industry gets for the friends of internationalism countless well paid parasite-jobs with built-in exciting travels, and sucks billions out of the treasury for the purpose of brainwashing the Danes. It pressurizes our leaders into ever more import of foreigners and ever more export of billions to the underdeveloped countries as aid and jobs.

The common denominator of the ravaging of the goodness industry’s  is perversion of the natural noble-mindedness and tolerance of the civilized Western man beyond the limits of self-destruction. It is not only concepts like goodness and help, but also many other central words and concepts (f.ex. "refugee") which have been given a new, twisted, often opposite meaning, where the concepts and actions these words cover, is a force, which is constantly breaking down our own social order. George Orwell has described these things in detail in "1984"! Read there about "the ministry for love", "goodthinking", "newspeak", "thoughtpolice" and about how even you are expected to come to love "Big Brother".